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100% poliester. Pack up thin, WATER PROOF, so It never gets wet.  R+D Designed and made in Barcelona
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$ 20
Dick shaped pack up 100% polyester thin, light, WATERPROOF, so It never gets wet
$ 22
Made of 100% polyester foam and 100% polyester lining. This padding is used in our wonderbriefs (ref. 232, 233) and wonderboxers (ref. 141, 234)   This padding must not get wet so NEVER use it for swimming, otherwise it will look like a diaper. Designed and made in Barcelona
$ 17
Double thick pack up made of 100% polyester foam and polyester lining. 5 centimeters thick so that it gives the perfect PUSH UP effect. Best for underwear and to create an extra pouch effect. This pack up with Push up is not waterproof and takes time to dry This is the padding we use in our WONDERBRIEFS 232, 233 and WONDERBOXERS 141, 234. Designed and...